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Atlantic State Partners, LLC, was formed to provide a perspective not typically found among consultants to financial institutions. Atlantic State understands that accountability for the consequences of strategic actions for shareholders, stakeholders, and regulators changes the way decisions are made. 


The Firm’s Partners each have more than twenty years of direct responsibility for areas of expertise directly affecting the success of their heritage institutions, including JPMorgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. 


Atlantic State assists in the development and implementation of strategic alternatives to increase fee income by expanding product offerings, achieve market expansion, and enhance efficiency and control. The Firm identifies and evaluates both organic and external opportunities, and assists its clients in negotiating and successfully closing acquisitions, alliances and joint ventures. The Firm also assists its clients with the integration of acquisitions to ensure success.   


Focused on serving regional and community banks, wealth and asset management firms, insurance companies, finance companies and other financial institutions, Atlantic State measures the success of its engagements on enhanced shareholder value, positive changes to profitability, and the creation of more efficient business operating models; in short, the same way our clients measure the success of their strategic and operating plans.

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