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Atlantic State’s practice is diverse with regard to the nature of issues we address and resolve for our clients. For each engagement, the Atlantic State team is assembled to ensure the requisite expertise to bear, without overstaffing the working group or overlooking key areas of expertise.  Every principal of of the Firm has been a principal in their area of expertise, and has had accountability for the risks they’ve taken and the decisions and choices they’ve made. We believe this to be a key differentiating factor in the way we view the challenges facing our clients and the advice we provide.  The experience of living with favorable and unfavorable outcomes of those choices forms the basis on which a longer-term, more realistic evaluation of strategic options can be made.


Strategic Advisory Services

  • Development of strategic alternatives and plans
  • Product and market expansion strategies
    • Build / buy / shrink / divest
    • Strategic investing alternatives
      • Mergers and acquisitions
      • Divestitures
      • Joint ventures / Strategic alliance
  • Capital planning and maximizing shareholder value
  • Evaluation of competitve position
  • Strategic assessment of local market merger and acquisition activity
  • Quarterly competitive analysis

Business Planning and Analysis

  • Identification of business process, linkage and effectiveness issues
  • Customer and product profitability
  • Technology / business alignment and needs
  • Organization effectiveness, management reporting and control
  • Effectiveness of planning and budgeting processes
    • Modeling to link strategic planning to financial plans and budget
    • Implementation and progress measurement of strategic initiatives and plans


Mergers and Acquisitions- Execution and Integration

  • Valuation estimates and financial impact
  • Merger Integration Planning
    • Key employee retention
    • Maximizing client retention
    • Maximizing revenue and cost synergies
  • Transaction structuring and negotiation
    • Earn-out and Incentive structuring
    • Due Diligence
    • Coordination of legal, tax, accounting and all other transaction resources
  • Network of specialists available for engagements:


Human Resources

Real Estate


Risk Mangement




Due Diligence



Financial Reporting






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